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Arts at MIT "Being Material" symposium (April 2017)


The past Friday and Saturday (April 21st & 22nd) I had the unique experience of attending the Arts at MIT "BeingMaterial" symposium held in Boston. Read more »

MIT acadia conference in 2017


MIT is organizing a new conferencecalled Acadia in 2017. Read more »

Hacking Arts 2016 event (November 18-20)

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 , , , , and 0 Comments

I was just reminded that the yearly "Hacking Arts" event at MIT is being held November 18-20th.

What is "Hacking Arts"?
Read more »

Reality Virtually hack event at MIT last weekend (VRATMIT)


This past weekend at MIT, was an extended weekend-long hackathon centered around Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (i.e. VR/AR/MR) called: "Reality Virtually". The event consisted of Friday Workshops followed by two days of hacking to transform the future of immersive technologies. Read more »

MIT Computational Fabrication Symposium next month at MIT through CSAIL


There is a great symposium event being held next month at MIT: "Computational Fabrication" hosted by CSAIL. Read more »